Energy-efficient Low E glass windows

In a world of high energy costs, one of the smartest investments you can make when building or renovating your home is to include Low E/ Argon thermopanes in your windows.

Low E (Low Emissivity) glass improves the thermal performance of your windows by keeping valuable heat energy in. By combining argon gas with the Low E coated glass, the energy savings will be dramatic.

Energy-efficient Low E glass windows

Warmer in Winter

During the winter months the Low E glass reflects the heat back into your home, reducing your heating costs.

Reduction of Ultraviolet Radiation

By reducing the transmission of the ultraviolet rays, this will help protect your furnishings and draperies from fading.

Natural Light Transmission

Compared to a standard thermopane, a Low E coated glass will transmit about 90% of the visible light into your home.

Cooler in Summer

During the summer months, the Low E glass reduces the transmission of solar energy, thus reducing your cooling costs.