Window Grill and Trim Options

Grill styles

windowGrill-brown-450x300 windowGrill-kitchen-450x300 windowGrill-green-450x300 windowGrill-red-450x300Whether you choose the traditional colonial or modern prairie style grills, the grills are permanently sealed inside the thermopane for ease of cleaning.

Exterior & interior trim options

Exterior brickmould options

Kento Windows has many brickmould optionsAt Kento we have one of the largest selections of exterior brick-mould options to 1” enrich the character of your home.

Available for Concerto Elite casement, awning, single & double hung, and horizontal slider. Also available for Concerto casement and awning.

Interior trim options

Jamb Extension

Jamb Extension

Interior Casing

Interior Casing

Keep the same crisp appealing look on the interior of your windows by installing solid vinyl jamb extensions and interior casings.

Available for casement and awning windows only.

Exceptional Quality

The Concerto casement and awning window system is the perfect choice for your new home or renovation project. Its sleek streamlined design combined with its exceptional technical features create a window that highlights beauty, efficiency, strength and durability.